Remini App vs Remini Professional Web ( A Comprehensive Comparison)

Are you feeling hesitation in selecting of Remini app vs Remini Professional web? There’s no need for further reluctance to prefer the Remini mobile app or the professional web because the core functionality is the same. Both are handy tools, utilising movie-grade technology to enhance our photos and videos. Here I’ll discuss the difference between the Remini app and the Remini professional web in terms of their pros and cons.

comparison photos of remini app and web

Similarities in Remini App and Remini Professional web

  • Both are fantastic tools powered by AI algorithms and struggle to enhance the quality of photos and videos by reducing noise, blur, and other defects. It’s the most noteworthy point of Remini that it provides photo enhancement platforms for mobile and PC devices.
  •  The core functionality is the same: both are powered by movie-grade technology and can automatically detect imperfections in photos and videos.
  • Both have user-friendly interfaces and are straightforward, as any guy without professional editing skills can enhance his photos and videos with these tools.
  •  Both provide multiple features for enhancing photos and videos, including primary and advanced features.
  • Both provide a free trial to make our photos and videos appealing but with limited features and effects.

Differences in Remini App and Remini Professional Web

  •  We can simultaneously upload multiple photos and videos on the Remini Professional Web at a time while the Remini app doesn’t facilitate us with this chance.
  • In the Remini app, we can use the camera feature to capture a new photo for enhancement as well as we can upload any photo and video stored in our device.   But Remini Professional Web doesn’t provide such a course of action, we can only upload our visual moments.
  • In the free trial of Remini, we can download and share our photos and videos free of cost after enhancement. We must purchase credits in Remini Professional Web to unlock the download feature. In this way, the Remini app allows one to create an Instagram story without spending even a single penny.
  • The usage of Remini Professional Web requires a fast internet connection, while users with limited internet connections can get access to Remini App.
  • Remini App is more affordable than Remini Professional Web. Moreover, we can use Remini mod apk for android with unlimited pro-cards and no watermark.    

Why to Use Remini App?

 The Remini app is designed for android and iPhone operating systems, so it’s optimised according to the small touch screen. If you’re a casual user and want to enhance only a few photos, then using the Remini app would be the best idea. It provides 4x more filters than Remini Professional Web and allows adjusting the intensity of filters and effects. Moreover, the mobile app is more convenient and portable as we can use it anywhere. 

Why to Use Remini Professional Web?

It’s designed for large display screens and offers our images a clean and pretty look. You should boost your photo editing skills if you’re a professional photographer by using this unique tool . Remini Professional Web is the best selection, as it’s providing a high-quality output after enhancing photos and videos. Moreover, you can upload a stock of photos and videos to improve them with a single click.

 Another fantastic feature of Remini Web is that you can upload large-sized photos compared to the Remini app. Remini web provides more advanced customization options like colour correction, sharpening, and noise reduction. For professional photographers, it’s no time to think about the pricing plan. Their main target should be to present their creativity in a unique way for the satisfaction of their clients.

Pricing Plan of Remini App vs Remini Professional Web

Pricing Plan of the Remini App

Basic plan: Free trial with limited features but with unlocked download option.
Pro plan: $4.99/month and $35.99 with all features unlocked

Pricing Plan of Remini Professional Web

Basic plan: Free trial to enhance photos and videos without an unlocked download option
Pro plan: $24.99 per month or $249.99 per year with fully unlocked


Your preferences depend on your requirements. If you’re a casual user, then the Remini app is the best selection, as it provides a more straightforward user interface and gives access to download photos and videos after enhancement free of cost. If you’re a professional photographer, and your priority is the satisfaction of your clients, and you also have a PC, then you should try Remini web. Different companies handle both, so there’s a little difference in the pricing plan, but both use AI technology to enhance our photos and videos with many advanced features and effects.

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 The Remini app can’t enhance images of more than 2880 pixels. It also depends on the power and capacity of your device. While on Remini web, you can upload large files, even 5 gigapixels.

Both are fantastic tools as both use AI technology, but the preference for Remini App vs Remini web depends on the user intent. Remini web is the best option for professional photographers, while the Remini app should be the priority for casual users.

 The direct distinction is the batch processing feature. Remini web allows us to upload multiple files, while we can enhance only one photo or video in the Remini app.