Top 10 Best Video Editing Apps for Android and iPhone

Best Video Editing Apps

Are you tired due to desperate research of sifting through numerous apps for sorting put the best video editing apps for your Android and iPhone? I know you’re very curious to boost your video editing skills to improve your You Tube channels or vlogs and are hunting for superb content-creating applications. Don’t worry! Here I’m providing the world’s best video editing apps with various templates and effects that you can easily install from Play Store and App Store.

 All these apps have a user-friendly interface, so even beginners can easily combine videos, create reels, and can add text in their videos. These applications fulfil all the requirements of users by providing different filters and effects for removing video noise and blurriness. Moreover, they provide different templates to add unique elements to videos like wonderful emojis, stylish texts, hearts, stickers, flowers, shapes of different animals and birds, etc.

InShot – Video Editor

InShot Video Editor

InShot – Video Editor InShot is a fabulous app that’s suitable for both professionals and beginners that’s why it has millions of users. This lightweight app can combine multiple clips by adding transitions between them. It can show performance on the Android device above Android 4.4 and is also available on AppStore for iPhone users.

Features of InShot-Video Editor

  • User-friendly interface
  • College-making ability (Can combine various videos into a single file).
  • Can add transition effects between videos
  • Can remove unwanted objects by cutting and trimming.
  • Can split videos into multiple segments
  • It provides a unique music library to add stunning effects in videos.
  • Offers enormous downloadable stickers.
  • Has flexibility to adjust the speed of the video according to our requirements.
  • Has capability to blur some parts of video.
  • Provide several filters and effects to make a video more amazing, like stylish fonts, stickers, and emojis.
  • Has filters for adjusting color, contrast, brightness, and saturation for enhancing the quality of videos.
  • Offers the opportunity to share videos with the media.
  • Has the potential for automatic color grading.

Pros and Cons of InShot-Video Editor


  • New updated versions are introduced periodically with new tools and content.
  • Has the potential for automatic editing as well as provides flexibility for manual editing.
  • Show no lagging issues due to lightweight.


  • Can’t unlock all premium features without subscription.
  • The free version comes with ads.

CapCut – Video Editor


CapCut was mainly created for Android and iPhone users and is broadcasted now as a free all-in-one complimentary Tik Tok editing app. According to an estimation it’s among the world’s top 10 most downloaded apps. It’s among the best video editing apps that’re free and easy to use because only with a few touches it can create a dramatic video.

Features of CapCut – Video Editor

  • Can edit and combine videos according to users’ requirements.
  • Can change the speed of clips for adjusting it according to scene in a movie.
  • Has the capability to make a video more romantic by changing the color and tone of the original video.
  • Provides draggable slides to adjust the color, saturation, and contrast.
  • Offers essential video manipulation tools like cutting, trimming, duplicating, and merging.
  • Provides an array of filters, effects and transitions to enhance the quality of a video.
  • Gives an array of fonts and stickers to make a video content more interactive and funnier.
  • Has a vast library of built-in music and sound effects.
  • Picture-in-picture feature enables users to overlay multiple photos and videos on top of each other.

Pros and Cons of CapCut – Video Editor


  • Came with pre-installed vectors and images.
  • Free to use.
  • It’s a wide library of filters and effects with many distinct styles and genres.
  • Has a friendly user interface.
  • Remains up-to-date.


  • Its 15-minute limit in video editing causes hindrance while video editing.
  • Add a CapCut label at the end of the video.
  • Can’t add more than one audio track in a video.

KineMaster-Video Editor & Maker


Kniemaster, a versatile and top-rated app, is the selection of millions of YouTubers and vloggers due to its intuitive user interface. It has maximized the experience and satisfaction level of many users due to its excellent video editing tools and effects. One feature that separates it from other best video editing apps is the chroma key that’s used to replace any specific color in a photo or video with the color of any other photo or video.

Features of KineMaster-Video Editor & Maker

  • Provides many features without watermarks, like 3D transitions, volume envelope control, multi-track audio, chroma key, etc.
  • Like other fabulous video editing tools, it also provides tools for cutting and trimming.
  • Provides filters and effects for editing from basic to professional-level.
  • Has the ability to export high-quality videos such as 1080p and 2K, 4K ultra.
  • Enables users to choose the best-suited background color for any video by chroma pickle.
  • Has the potential for fixation of bugs in any video to boost its quality.
  • Offers chances for pitch adjustment and speed control.
  • Can play eight or more audio tracks at the same time.
  • Has the capability to record voice and to add it into any video.
  • Can add different animations in videos and proffers instant review of any video after editing.
  • Has the ability to blur the transitional effects.

Pros and Cons of KineMaster


  • Best suitable for beginners.
  • Multilayer editing.
  • It proffers a variety of visual effects, transitions, and animations.
  • Has an extensive library of audio files.


  • Has ads in the free version, while the paid version is expensive.
  • No templates to create social content.
  • The free version has a watermark.

PowerDirector – Video Editor

PowerDirector video editor

PowerDirector, introduced by Cyberlink, is a great video editing app with a wide range of copyright-free videos, photos, and music. It comes with well-optimized tools and works fluently even when the timeline is full of elements. Multi-Timeline features differentiate it from other apps because it enables users to simultaneously add multiple elements in a video, like audio, video, and image.

Features of PowerDirector

  • Offers 30 contrasting transitional slides and more than 30 visual effects to make our video amazing.
  • Provides various templates, stickers, transitions, and filters to make our videos engaging.
  • Its intuitive drag-and-drop functionality conserves users from the hassle of selecting videos from files and folders.
  • Can accept video files in different formats, including AVI, MP4, WMV, etc.
  • Offers speed customization and voice changer tools.
  • Like the best video editing apps, it can crop, cut, trim, and rotate videos in a single tap.
  • Can record voices through recording tool.
  • Can make a collage of numerous video clips and can compile them into a single file.
  • Proffers filters for adjusting contrast and saturation in a video.

Pros and Cons of PowerDirector


  • Has a unique library of built-in videos, templates, music, and photos.
  • Provides the option to save or share video.
  • Can edit videos of bigger size.


  • Doesn’t offer social-media-specific clips and animations
  • Slower down after uploading high-weighted videos.

Wondershare Filmora – Video Editor

Wondershare Filmora

 Wondershare Filmore, a 100% free application has 100 million downloads from Google Play and Apple App Store. It’s a user-friendly app and comes with all tools that’re necessary for professional-level video editing. It comes with 500 plus effects like text, audio, emojis, stickers, etc., and 100 types of music.

Features of Wondershare Filmora 

  • With its rim-named tool, we can remove unwanted objects from a video to make it productive.
  • Users can finalize the size of the video by fixing the frame ratio.
  • Provides a speed controller to adjust the speed of any video.
  • Can cut, split, splice, trim a video and can add music.
  • Can generate a single file by combining video clips.
  • The updated version has many new features like keyframing, AI portrait, auto reframe, animated split screen, review render, and AR stickers.
  • Enables users to add custom text in different fonts and styles to make videos impressive.
  • Offers a variety of themes and templates for a range of staples like travel, fashion, food, and many more for professional-level video editing.
  • Has social media integration ability.
  • Supports various formats, including HD, full HD, and 4K resolution during export.  

Pros and Cons of Wondershare Filmora 


  • Has a lot of visual effects.
  • Timelines are easy to use.
  • Comes within affordable price range.
  • Excellent quality video in a short time.


  • Lag or crash occasionally while editing 4K videos.
  • Free transitions and effects are of inferior quality.
  • Watermark in the free version.

Splice Video Editor

Splice Video Editor

Splice video editor is an ideal tool with a user-friendly interface that takes a few minutes to apply various filters and effects to complete the video editing process. It’s offered by Bending Spoons which’s also the developer of the best photo enhancer app Remini-AI Photo Enhancer.

Key Features Splice Video Editor

  •  Like other best video editing apps, all the basic tools, including trim, split, overlays, merge, volume controller, background changer, etc., are available.
  • Enables users to share videos on social apps directly after editing .
  •  Can export videos at a resolution of 1080P with a frame rate of 60 FPS.
  •  Offers an extensive selection of music without royalty.
  •  Authorizes users to make a slideshow with photos.
  •  Has zoom-in ability in the timeline to edit any video more precisely.
  •  Updated version supports the preview in full screen.
  •  Can add custom text in video with flexible font sizes and styles.
  •   Provides more than 25 songs with a wide array of genres, including electronic, energizing, hip-hop, groovy, rock, and romantic.
  •   Offers various effects like vintage, glitch, transitions, etc.

Pros and Cons of Splice Video Editor


  • User-friendly interface.
  • An extensive library of songs.
  • Quick response.
  • Free of cost.


  • Often to crash.
  • Can upload another video only after the completion of the first project.

GoPro Quik – Video Editor

GoPro Quik

GoPro Quik is one of the best video editing apps that has all-excellent tools for professional photo editing. One of the unique features that makes it popular among users is its capability to create invitation links for people to collaborate on our videos and photos. It’s different from other apps due to its complete remote control of camera functions.

Features of GoPro Quik

  • GoPro Quik offers an array of professional features suitable for beginners.
  • Users can download their favorite music track-matching videos for their creations.
  • The best tool to create highlights of videos.
  • With this application, users can take perfect shots of any live preview and can also import videos and photos from other sources for editing.
  • Gives access for recording and editing to users simultaneously.
  • Users can easily download video footage from GoPro cameras at high speed, almost 30 frames per second, in a single feed.
  • Like other video editors, it has all editing tools like Custom Color Editor, Color Balance, Contrast Bias, Exposure Level, Temperature/Tint Color FX Curves & Hue, Detail Editor, etc.
  • Provides a thousand paid and free templates and stickers for making any photo and video funny.
  • Can automatically adjust playback speed and can apply themes, transitions and other effects.
  • Can make our video brighter, lighter, and more colorful with many new effects and color control systems.

Pros and Cons of GoPro Quik


  • Provides the quickest way of editing with unique toolkits.
  • High quality and professional output.
  • No watermark is attached to the edited video.
  • Cheaper as compared to other video editing apps.


  • Lack of chroma key features.
  • Some editing tools are expensive.
  • Cannot manage font styles.

Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe Premiere Rush, a supercool and astounding app, has got the attention of hundreds of video editors. It has many preset templates with unique layouts and animations and runs best on devices with the latest firmware version possible. The awesome feature that distinguishes it from all other best video editing apps is its built-in camera functionality.

Features Adobe Premiere Rush

  •   The drag-and-drop option lets users to generate a great video by organizing images, graphics, and stickers.
  • Has the capability to make a video slower or faster.
  •  Can crop images and have a content library for animations, transitions, and other effects.
  •   Comes with a nice camera for recording live videos.
  • Can add background music with advanced ducking and lower the background music when any person speaks in the video.
  • Anyone can customize a template by changing the color, font, and other elements.
  •   Give video outputs with HD quality.
  • Different elements, including videos, graphics, audio, etc. are separated through a multi-track timeline.
  •  It’s picture-in-picture, split views and many other types of effects.
  • Can automatically crop the video to make it suitable for social media sharing.
  •  Provides options for image scrubbing, curve adjusting, photo retouching, touch capturing, etc.

Pros and Cons of Adobe Premiere Rush


  • Has a comprehensive content library.
  • Offers multi-track timeline.
  • Has customizable templates.
  • Has an integration with Adobe Stock.


  • Has a shortage of storyboard templates.
  • Lack of freeze frame abilities.
  • Doesn’t have the feature of green screen editing.

LumaFusion – Video Editor


LumaFusion is an award-winning photo editing app that allows users to edit, create, and modify their videos according to their requirements. It’s a simple and convenient app that can edit and create high-quality videos without wasting time and effort. It offers multi-tracks to organize your content and to switch between several projects easily.

Features of LumaFusion

  •  Provides inventive frames for video editing.
  • Has a wide library of themes, music, transitions, voiceovers, and filters for creating HD video.
  •  Has different tracks to store titles, videos and photographs.
  •  Can store our projects like Canva and can prevents our important files from losing.
  • Enables users to mute, lock, and hide tracks, preserving our projects from being stolen.
  • Can control video speed as well as can forward and reverse the videos.
  •  Along with recording, it also has an import option and can import media cloud storage services like iCloud, Dropbox, FTP, Google Drive, etc.
  •  Has multiple effects, including blur, distortion, color, and pixel.
  •  Has chroma key features like kinemaster for adjusting blue and green screens.
  •   By utilizing its more than 150 effects, users can adjust color, sharpness, brightness, tint, and texture pattern.

Pros and Cons of LumaFusion


  • Upscale the quality of photos.
  • Straightforward interface.
  • Quick performance.
  • Has a full spectrum of color scheme.


  • Lack the most advanced features like motion tracking.
  • The free version has limited features.
  • Comes with Advertisements.

VN (Vlog Now) Video Editor 

Vn Video Editor

VN (vlog now) is a smart tool that’s suitable for beginners and professionals and gives the viewers a smooth viewing experience. It has potential to support 4K resolution and 60 frames within a second and its quick response make it very popular among people. Its amazing filters and effects give our videos a more stylish and soulful appearance.

Features of VN Video Editor

  • Comes with a flexible timeline and gives full authority to users to customize their videos.
  • Like other best video editing apps, it has a library of built-in templates with fabulous elements to make a video engaging.
  • Users can apply effects, animations, filters, and text of different styles on their videos through this app.
  • Can import videos from the device gallery.
  • Can adjust the speed of the video with its speed controller tool.
  • Can correct the color and luminance of an image through its curve-shifting ability.
  • Can change the green colored background with its chroma key.
  • Has all the basic features necessary for editing, like color adjustment, music insertion.
  • Has ability to give different colors and styles to text .
  • After editing, users can directly share their videos on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Users can share music from their phone storage that best matches their videos.
  • Can reverse a video as well as can apply zoom effect.

Pros and Cons of VN Video Editor


  • No watermark
  • Suitable for beginners due to all basic tools.
  • Modifiable background music.


  • Contain adds.
  • Slower down while editing lengthy videos.

Final words for best video editing apps

 All the apps mentioned above have all the basic tools to edit your videos and come with a user-friendly interface. These apps work both on Android and iPhone and are suitable for both casual users as well as for professional people. You can import videos from your mobile device for editing in these apps and, after editing you can share directly to social media through these apps. Now make your videos engaging and soulful by selecting any one from these best video editing apps.

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